RELAXING YOGA IN Ashwellthorpe and  Wymondham , NORFOLK  

Yoga with Pauline

What is Yoga ?

A way of balancing mind, body and spirit. This is achieved with a blend of physical postures (asana) which maybe moving or static, breath control techniques (pranayama) meditation and relaxation. Posture, fitness and general health are improved with regular practice. Yoga helps develop both strength and flexibility within the body. Yoga calms the mind, lowers stress levels and creates a feeling of mental and emotional well-being.  

My Yoga Journey

I first practised yoga in 1997 which was Hatha or Breath based. At first I could not comprehend how fellow students had so much control over their breathing but I learned the answer as with all things is practice.

Over the years I have attended classes and workshops with many inspiring tutors,  exploring different styles of yoga including Scaravelli and a little Iyengar. In 2013 I obtained my Foundation course level one with Derek Smith which opened my eyes to the magnitude of yoga. Embarking on my teacher training course the same year with Carol Price and Paul Fox an experience I thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you to Angelika for her encouragement to enrol.

What happens in a yoga class ?

Each class begins with letting go of our busy day, then we warm up the body for 10-15 minutes. We work using the chosen postures or theme of the evening, usually building up to a sequence (series of movements) the body is then settled ready for breathing practice or meditation and relaxation.


I hold a British Wheel of Yoga NVQ Level 4 which is the highest yoga teaching qualification currently available in the UK. Which required 500 hours of training. This involved practical teaching experience, theory, assessed teaching, essay writing and group assignments. I am undertaking further studies in Gentle Years Yoga for the over 65 age group.

I attend many CPD workshops each year to update and expand my knowledge. 

I am also a fully qualified with the Healing Trust (NFSH) since 2011.

Meditation using a crystal and the sense of touch as a mental anchor

British Wheel of Yoga Teacher Logo

Graduation as a BWY Teacher in 2016  with my Diploma tutors; left Carol Price, middle myself, right Paul Fox.

Government guidelines and social distancing rues apply

face to face yoga returns 

Mondays 7:15-8:25 pm   

  • Rothbury Community Hall, Rothbury Road, Wymondham NR18 0LD

TUESDAYS 6-7:15 pm 

  • Ashwellthorpe & Fundenhall Community Centre (Thorpe Hall) Muskett Road, Ashwellthorpe NR16 1FD 

COMING SOON - Chair Yoga  

I hope to start a chair yoga and exercise class soon. Please let me know if you would be interested. The class shall be fun, improve dexterity, co-ordination, strength and help us to stand more easily (where appropriate). 

I have taught yoga to individuals with Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson's at the Therapy Centre Norwich for 5 years. 

I also taught chair based yoga to seniors in Wymondham for 2 years at a day centre, we enjoyed a song to end each lesson. The centre has unfortunately closed permanently due to the pandemic.

Falls Awareness Week U-Tube free content: 21-25th September

image above: Mani Stones in Tibet.                                                           These are placed on high to invoke blessings to the viewer, reciter and into the world in general.

YOGIC insights

Yoga Sutra 1.37 translated by T.V.K. Desikachar: "When we are confronted with problems, the counsel of someone whohas mastered similar problems can be a great help".

Vanda Scaravelli, Awakening the Spine: "Yoga ... consists in breaking bad habits and in re-educating the spine so as to bring back its original suppleness".

B.K.S. Iyengar, Yoga the path to Holistic Health: "Yoga is for everyone. You need not be an expert or at the peak of physical fitness to practice the asanas ... ".


Ashwellthorpe and Fundenhall Community Centre, (Thorpe Hall) Muskett Road, Ashwellthorpe   NR16 1FD        

Rothbury Community Hall,                          Rothbury Road, Wymondham


Comment on class; "I enjoy them and they are very good for my well being ..!"


After practising yoga outside in July Sarah commented "it's like being on retreat".


 Thanks for the yoga last night breaking me in gently I really enjoyed it and feel good this morning after doing yoga, thanks see you next week.


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Wymondham, Norfolk, UK

+44 7902 079862

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